Thursday, March 24, 2016

Freckles on the Runway???

Hey out there to all the Cuties of KingdomBeautie!
I have some great news for all my freckled ladies and freckle lovers, which would include me. Freckles are the newest "trend"  for Spring/Summer 2016!
That's right. I said FRECKLES ARE HOT!

According to Cosmopolitan, "faux freckles" were seen on Emanuel Ungaro's models making their way down the NY Fashion Week runway. Makeup Artist, Lucia Pieroni, used two liners by the popularly used brand MAC to place "faux freckles" like the one's on the lovely model pictured below.
 Faux Freckles

If you ask me this is twistedly awesome, for lack of a better phrase. Freckles are within my family's gene pool, and I have slight freckles as do some of my closest friends and family members. With that being said, I remember there was a time, one would NEVER even dare to dream of becoming a model with a face covered in "dots", but now we see them being created on girls for one of the biggest fashion events of the year?

I have two feelings towards this. One is...This is GREAT. Finally women with, what society once deemed as flaws, are now able to achieve their dreams in the Beautie/Fashion industry, or if nothing else, they are given confidence to face the world with their beautie marks. Once called freckled freaks are now freckled fashionistas! Let's light the world up with our dots ladies.

However my second emotion is not as liberating. Allow me to explain before you go calling me Negative Nancy. I feel like there are women out there who have freckles that would love nothing more than to be models. So, why should makeup artist have to "create" an individually unique trait, that many are born with?

In my humble opinion, I think it is still the industry's way of keeping a certain image as to who can be a model and who isn't pretty enough. "Faux Freckles" in some ways are a mockery. Some women have been shut out for having freckles, but now see other women painted with freckles and deemed "trendy".

Don't get me wrong I LOVE the makeup industry. Makeup Artistry and the entire Beautie Industry as a whole is creative and free, but there are some "trends" that do not need makeup to be effective. God created beautiful women with natural freckles, so if it's freckles that are hot, give those women who have them a chance to shine.
Anyways, that is my overly opinionated post for tonight. I hope you all got something out of it.

I love you, God loves you, so love yourselves! Freckles and...uhh I mean flaws lol...and all ;) 
<3Mrs. CiCi<3

Monday, March 21, 2016

Food for the Soul #2: Judge Not Or You Will Be Judged

Dear Cuties,
This is an important message coming to you straight from the desk of, none other than the, Mrs. CiCi of KingdomBeautie. 

While eating breakfast this morning with my amazing husband we began to have one of our, what we like to call, "tea with Ci" talks. "Tea with Ci" is simply when I go on a ramble, for lack of a better term, about things that take place within the church of Christ. By the way, the Church is not a building, it is everyone who follows and confesses Jesus as Lord and Savior. 

I am a member of the family of the Lord Jesus Christ, so I am by no means "bashing" Christians in any way, shape, or form. Let's just get that straight right now! Ok you may proceed...

Today's topic was Judging. It all started when a great song by one of the Mary Mary sisters started playing. I think the song is executed in an awesome way to reach the young people of today that may not enjoy Gospel music or even know any. We all know how important music is to me and my little family.

(Quick! If you didn't catch my last post on music run over to it now on the Beautie-fy your soul page.)

So, I got to thinking about how the chorus of the song is not the best it could be, no offense to the beautiful Mrs. Erica. I just felt it could be better. So from that point I immediately had to think of how some of her long time fans would react if she had not made the chorus so "typical". My realization of how we long-term Christians treat Gospel artist is how my "rant" began.

Listen up people of the Most High God. We have got to stop judging others based on things we know nothing about. Now when I say "things we know nothing about" I mean EVERYTHING. The Lord is the only One who can look in the inward part of man. NOT US. With that being said, Jesus already knew what we would face in life from the beginning of time until His return. This is why He left behind His teachings. Where am I going with this? 

There are many of us that feel "judged" by others for every little thing because we proclaim Christianity. As Christians we are always talking about how people expect us to be perfect and how society is always forgetting we are humans too. 

While all this is correct, did we ever stop to think for one moment why we are so badly judged by this lost and dying world? Could it be because we ourselves do a lot of JUDGING? Especially us Christian women. We need to STOP THE MADNESS. We are breaking the code and then acting all victimized and confused about why we are treated the way we are. The Bible declares "Judge not lest ye be judged..." or in US English...

 There it is. The Word of God is true yesterday, today and forevermore. It will always be true and it always has been. So just remember the next time you go off questioning others actions, whereabouts, and doings, that you too are under careful surveillance at all times. Not just by our Lord but by everyone around you. If we make a decision to follow the code and stop judging don't you know that then we will not be judged. That goes for everything and everyone. There is a major difference between judging others and noticing an imperfection that needs to be prayed over. 

Pray don't Judge is my Spring 2016 campaign. Join me Cuties! Let's PRAY and cease all judgement, this way we will not be judged (as much lol). 

I love you, God loves you, so love yourselves. 
In love, spirit and truth,
<3Mrs. CiCi<3 MUAH.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Food for the Soul:

Why Praise?

Have you ever noticed that music is tied to your emotions? Just think about it for a minute. When you hear a song from the past, memories of that time, whether good, bad, beautiful or ugly begin to flood your mind. Visuals of events, sounds, words spoken, places, and especial people just surround your brain. You begin to re-live feelings; anger, sadness, love, anxiety or happiness. There are not many songs that you can listen to and feel or think nothing at all. Why is that? Could it be perhaps music is spiritual? No way. Music is just music; or is it?

For all those that do not know, I am a strong believer in Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Savior, Master of my destiny. With that being said allow me to answer my own question. Music is Very spiritual. As a member of the Praise and Worship team at my church, I begin to dig a little deeper into music and its relationship to the Spirit. The revelation God gave me was inspiring and profound. So here it is.

The Holy Bible, in the book of Joshua, chapter 6, tells of an event in which the Lord God of Israel instructed Joshua (the leader after Moses) to take his army and go overtake a city protected by a mighty and strong wall. However, God did not want His people to attack this city as any other army would. God had a divine plan, a plan that would place music at the forefront. Don't take my word for it read it for yourself:

Joshua 6New International Version (NIV)

Now the gates of Jericho were securely barred because of the Israelites. No one went out and no one came in.
Then the Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men. March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days. Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets. When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have the whole army give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will collapse and the army will go up, everyone straight in.”
(This excerpt is brought to you by in the New International Version)

After reading this I began to think about the act of praise and worship. Praise is to express approval or admiration of someone. Worship is to express reverence and adoration for a deity. Why would God place instruments of music and shouting as the hero? The answer is...the music is not the hero, God is the hero. He knocked down the wall as His people showed their worship and praise of Him as their God.

When you are faced with a strong obstacle, such as the wall of Jericho, if you would just shout to God with a voice of triumph instead of complaining, if you would just dance and sing instead of crying and whining about how bad things are, it would show God that you trust Him to handle it. It shows that you have the fruit of self-control because regardless of how things are playing out around you, you are poised and victorious in faith before He has manifested it in the natural. Now that is some serious trust! God honors that and most of all He loves it.

In conclusion, when life has your back against the wall, keep calm and just praise!

I love you, God loves you, so love yourself. 
Mrs. CiCi <3 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Welcome to KingdomBeautie!

KingdomBeautie Blog is the one and only place to go to be in the know! I am your host Ciera Renee Cook. A dedicated wife and mother who loves the beauty industry and I am committed to keeping you updated on how to enhance your natural beautie; from the inside out. That's right guys and girls we'll be improving one another physically and spiritually. Thanks for taking this journey with me to reach maximum beautie-fication. Kisses to all you Beauties and Cuties. Love Mrs. CiCi