Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The True Makeup: Kingdom Cosmetics

Hello Out there to all my Beauties and Cuties,

Thanks for joining me again at KingdomBeautie.com. Today's post is all about Cosmetics!!! YAY!

Hold on, wait just one minute. Before you lovelies start throwing the confetti and getting all excited, let me let you in on a little secret...We are going to be discussing Kingdom Cosmetics. No, not my makeup line, yet :). We are talking about the cosmetics we should be putting on before we put on anything else.

First Lady, Erica Campbell (Mary Mary's very own), of California Worship Center, preached one of the most effective messages of our day, especially for our young women. Let me go on record to say, I have been a supporter of Mrs. Campbell, her sister, their families and their endeavors for most of my life, so this was an honor to have heard her preach. I am urging you to listen to her message that will be posted below, subscribe to their church channel and those of you Beauties and Cuties out in California, GO AND VISIT, California Worship Center. The information can be found on their website californiaworshipcenter.com

I now give you, California Worship Center's  First Lady, Mrs. Erica Campbell...(applause)

Allow your soul to be blessed Beauties and Cuties of God's Kingdom!

Kingdom Cosmetics

And remember I love you, God Loves you, so love yourself!
<3Mrs. CiCi<3