Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Hello out there to all my Beauties and Cuties, this is Mrs. Ci Ci at, thank you so much for joining me. 

It is time, for us to get some Spiritual Beautie, here on the blog today.

DISCLAIMER: This word came to me by our Gracious Lord and Savior. Therefore this post is not intended to offend ANYONE. This is a word from Heaven to propel us (you and me) into our destinies. Now, if you begin to feel offended by this message BE CAREFUL that your feelings are not true conviction being covered up by offense, which will ensure you miss the purpose and remain unchanged. Open those beautie-ful eyes and see what the enemy is trying to do. With that being said, LET'S BEGIN!!!

Message Topic: Are you operating in an unsatisfied spirit? 
Bible References (Amplified Version/AMP) : Proverbs 27:20, Philippians 4:11-13, Philippians 2:14-16, Jeremiah 29:11-13

Message: Do you remember the grading scale used in Elementary School? There was E-excellent, G-good, S-satisfactory, U-unsatisfactory and NI-needs improvement. No one ever wanted to bring home a U or NI to their Mama, lol! For some of us, we already knew there would be consequences to face. Well, I have been charged today to tell you, many of us are placing God on a grade scale. We are constantly rating Him unsatisfactory and needs improvement in the areas of our lives that we are not happy; instead of praising and exalting Him in every area. 

See, we get to a place in life where we feel it is God's job to grant us every vain, selfish, prideful request that we throw up in prayer. We want more, more and more; only being satisfied for a short time with the requests that God does, so graciously, grant. 
(Please click scripture Proverbs 27:20

Yes, our God does care for all things concerning us! Hallelujah. BUT, what God is not pleased with, is His people operating day to day in Unsatisfied Spirits. 

Please, allow me to explain the term Unsatisfied Spirit. An Unsatisfied Spirit is a spirit that is never content. This message is in no way telling you it is bad to strive for greatness in your life. Please do not misunderstand. We should always press to do better and have better, however when will we learn to be content until the next come up? When will we be those people to praise God and give Him thanks in EVERY situation, trusting Him?!!! (Please click scripture Philippians 4:11-13)    

In Philippians 4:11-13, Paul was saying no matter what situation he is in, he has learned to live peacefully, happily praising God and doing the will of Christ, through the empowerment of Christ!!!

Some of us want and want and there is never a time that we don't want or wish we had. We MUST get to a place in our journey with God where we can finally say, "Lord, no matter what, You have taught me to say IT IS WELL". "If this is where I am for now, it is well. If this is where I work for now, it is well. If this is what I drive, wear, look like for now, it is well". Amen?

We need to be delivered from the complaining. (Please click scripture Philippians 2:14-16) I want us all to get to this place. Please do not think that I think I am perfect, I am just the messenger, because I have lived with an unsatisfied spirit before, and so now that I have learned to be content, I am charged to share with you how to strive and reach for your goals with a spirit of thankfulness for the things you already have, and where you already are in life. Amen? 

Let's trust God and live in gratefulness. He has a plan for our lives, a better one than we could ever imagine. (Please click scripture Jeremiah 29:11-13

We are the one's that think we know what we what, but really have no idea. God knows what we truly want and has the power to give it to us, if we obey Him and praise Him. A wise man, who I call Daddy Bishop, (Bishop Michael Cook Sn, New Grace Temple Ministries, Florence, SC), once told me "the enemy will always TRY to make you THINK you NEED things, you really DO NOT need". To this very day that wise man was so right LOL. I have felt I needed things so desperately and could not tell you where they are today lol. 

In conclusion, declare daily over yourself and your family, "With the simple things we have today, we will change the world". Then thank God for all you have from the tall to the small and believe God for the more with a grateful heart. Let's give our God praise, Amen? AMEN!!!

As always I love you, God loves you, so love yourself.
<3Mrs. Ci Ci<3