Tuesday, August 23, 2016

KingdomBeautie Portfolio: CREATIVITY IS HOW I BREATHE!!!

Mrs. Ci Ci's Headshots / Portfolio Photos: 

What's up Beauties and Cuties? Here is my collection of headshots /my mini portfolio. I will be including more pictures and video clips, here at KingdomBeautie.com, of me speaking and/or doing makeup at the classes, workshops, shows and seminars in which I am blessed to participate. If you have any questions you can email me @ kingdombeautie@gmail.com. Don't forget to run over to my Facebook page KingdomBeautie, hit me up on Twitter @KingdomBeautie, and Instagram @KingdomBeautie. OK with out farther delay...

As Always, I love you, God loves you, so love yourself!
Kisses from the Mrs.
<3 Mrs. Ci Ci <3