Sunday, August 14, 2016

LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN: WIN NYC Afternoon Beautie Empowerment Class

Mrs. Ci Ci here at thanks so much for joining me.

So today I have a news report about a recent, very touching experience of mine. All of my Beauties and Cuties are family to me so I must share. 

I was blessed to co-host a Beautie Empowerment class for 11 wonderful teenage girls (ages 10-14) at one of the many WIN homeless shelter locations! 

As each girl entered the room we introduced ourselves and asked them their names and ages. They were then presented with Beautie Gift Bags on their chairs as a big welcome. We played an inspiring Ice Breaker game to get them thinking about their goals and lift their self esteem. As a reward for their participation we gave out prizes for sharing answers to the Ice Breaker. 

After the Ice Breaker, we got into some real fun!!! Every girl opened their bag and pulled out ALL the makeup!!! Sponsored By: Vera Moore cosmetics!!! THANK YOU VERA MOORE, they can be found online and selected Walgreen drug stores. 

We all played in makeup, while teaching the girls about the importance of skin care and proper makeup application. They did make-overs for one another and enjoyed HUGE slices of cake, LOL. Talk about a girls day, right? It was amazing. While there was so much fun to be had, as a volunteer makeup artist for the day, I learned so much about the importance of putting others needs ahead of our own. Those girls are at critical ages and there are so many others just like them, facing the same situation. 

Did you know that almost 80% of homeless people are women and children???!!! Yes! Some are even married couples raising families. I learned that most of the people homeless are not what you expect or think. This is a crisis in our communities that must be given our attention. WIN needs prayers, donations and volunteers to continue to provide excellent care and amenities to families in need. Forty-six percent (46%) of the adults staying in the WIN facilities are employed and the number will only increase, ensuring an end to homelessness, if we all lend our resources and support. As one member of the whole body of Christ, I am urging us to begin to think on others more than ourselves. 

The cashier at your local drug store or Deli could be one of the many homeless people in the area. The stigma that we have developed about homeless people needs to dissolve quickly! We have to be a people to stand for others when they are at the lowest points in their lives. Let's be a people who want to see a change, BETTER THAN THAT... Let's be a people who are the change!!! 

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Volunteer, Donate, Attend Events, take your mind off of you and put it on those less fortunate. When you take care of God's business, He takes care of yours!!! 

As always, I love you, God loves you, so love yourself!!!
<3Mrs.Ci Ci<3

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