Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Baby Shower Beat: My Recent Work and My New Addition

What's up out there, my Beauties and Cuties? I pray all is well with you and your wonderful families. I also pray your lives are coming together and you are all seeking God for His master plan and purpose, exclusively for you. 

So, some of you may or may not have known, I AM HAVING ANOTHER BABY! Yes, this is our second gift from the Most High and this time baby is a Beautie! Our first blessing is a handsome Cutie, so it is great to have the best of both worlds and never have to wonder what raising a boy or girl would be like, because we get to have them both!!!

As the title clearly states, today I am posting pics of my most recent work, as promised in a previous post. However, before I upload pics, let me just say... I am so honored and proud to be a wife and mother. I do not take these two titles lightly and as a stay at home wife and mother, I want to encourage all the other stay at home Mommies. We have plan and purpose for our lives. God has placed us here for so much more than we can see now and if there is anyone taunting you about being a stay at home Mom, do us all a favor and challenge them to do your task for one week. Being a stay at home Mother is not for the weak and it is not for the lazy, being a stay at home Mother/Wife is a 24/7 NEVER ENDING JOB!

While so many people get a set time to work and breaks and even get to clock out, us stay at home people do not get that liberty. We don't have holidays off or holiday pay, we don't get weekends off or company picnics. We are often overlooked and unappreciated, however I believe I can speak for all stay at home Beauties and Cuties when I say, we would never trade it in! Not for ANYTHING in the world. It is rewarding and beautiful to watch our families flourish due to our efforts. SO the next time you go to judge someone who stays at home, think to yourself if you could weather the task, day in and day out; and the next time someone tries to convince you staying at home is insignificant, double dog dare them to trade places with you for one whole week. I guarantee they won't do it and if they offer, they won't last. Only you were built and chosen to do what you do for your family!