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Post #9: My Baby Shower Beat and a Word for all the #StayAtHomeParents

What's up out there, my Beauties and Cuties? I pray all is well with you and your wonderful families. I also pray your lives are coming together and you are all seeking God for His master plan and purpose, exclusively for you.
So, some of you may or may not have known, I AM HAVING ANOTHER BABY! Yes, this is our second gift from the Most High and this time baby is a Beautie! Our first blessing is a handsome Cutie, so it is great to have the best of both worlds and never have to wonder what raising a boy or girl would be like, because we get to have them both!!!

As the title clearly states, today I am posting pics of my most recent work, as promised in a previous post. However, before I upload pics, let me just say... I am so honored and proud to be a wife and mother. I do not take these two titles lightly and as a stay at home wife and mother, I want to encourage all the other stay at home Mommies. We have plan and purpose for our lives. God has placed us here for so much more than we can see now and if there is anyone taunting you about being a stay at home Mom, do us all a favor and challenge them to do your task for one week. Being a stay at home Mother is not for the weak and it is not for the lazy, being a stay at home Mother/Wife is a 24/7 NEVER ENDING JOB!

While so many people get a set time to work and breaks and even get to clock out, us stay at home people do not get that liberty. We don't have holidays off or holiday pay, we don't get weekends off or company picnics. We are often overlooked and unappreciated, however I believe I can speak for all stay at home Beauties and Cuties when I say, we would never trade it in! Not for ANYTHING in the world. It is rewarding and beautiful to watch our families flourish due to our efforts. SO the next time you go to judge someone who stays at home, think to yourself if you could weather the task, day in and day out; and the next time someone tries to convince you staying at home is insignificant, double dog dare them to trade places with you for one whole week. I guarantee they won't do it and if they offer, they won't last. Only you were built and chosen to do what you do for your family!



Post #8: Mrs. Ci Ci's Headshots / Portfolio Photos

What's up Beauties and Cuties? Here is my collection of headshots /my mini portfolio. I will be including more pictures and video clips, here at, of me speaking and/or doing makeup at the classes, workshops, shows and seminars in which I am blessed to participate. If you have any questions you can email me @ Don't forget to run over to my Facebook page KingdomBeautie, hit me up on Twitter @KingdomBeautie, and Instagram @KingdomBeautie. OK with out farther delay...

As Always, I love you, God loves you, so love yourself!
Kisses from the Mrs.
<3 Mrs. Ci Ci <3

Post #7:  Made By A Sista, Inspired By A Sista, For Women of Color!!! Let's Talk Eyes

What's up out there Beauties and Cuties!!!!
This is your girl, Mrs. Ci Ci, here at, thanks so much for tuning in. So, really quickly I wanted to update you guys on an awesome find. This is by no means new at all, it has been around for some time, however I recently found out that the creator of this awesome eye shadow palette is Black and in keeping up with our theme to support our Sistas and Bruthas out there I had to get this out to anyone who is unaware.

 10% Off

This palette has been reviewed by my FAVORITE makeup artist (CLICK HER PIC FOR HER REVIEW) and she stated these colors are perfect for, us, women of color. So, with that being said if you are experiencing a hard time finding eye shadow colors that show up on your skin, please check this palette out. BeatFaceHoney has a coupon code for 10% off, (CLICK THE EYE SHADOW PIC FOR THE DISCOUNT) made by a sista and inspired by a sista.

As always, I love you, God loves you, so LOVE YOURSELVES!!! 
Muah Kisses for the Mrs.
<3 Mrs. Ci Ci <3

Post #6:  Created For Us, By Us, So Let's Support Us!!!

BELLE BUTTERS, the name itself is enough to make you feel vibrant, smooth, silky and beautie-full from head to toe.

Listen up Beauties and Cuties all around the globe, every shape and size, every color and every background. This company is what's up!!! I have not have the pleasure of trying the products yet however, my order has been placed, which is more than you can say if you are just hearing of this company. I have read reviews and for all my Beauties and Cuties out there with natural hair, this is what you have been searching for. The website is amazing. I love the clear pictures and the product guide explanations will NOT leave you with buyers remorse. Their products rage from hair butters, to body, face, fragrances and the list goes on. All homemade, natural, no chemicals!!! These butters are whipped to perfection with ingredient names you can recognize. Stay Naturally chemical free with Belle Butters homemade, all natural products. Created By Us, Formulated Especially For Us!!!

More than ever, today is the time to support one another as minorities, as Blacks. We have to rebuild the Black Wall Street. We can not give up, therefore I encourage everyone, whether Black, White, Hispanic or Mixed, if you have been looking all over the mainstream market for all natural, healthy, beautie-full products for your hair, face, and body overall, check out Belle Butters at The name does not lie, these body and hair butters are definitely beautie-full.

I am going to try to get you guys a Black Owned Business once a month from this point on, even if it is not in beautie or fashion I will shout out a BOB once a month, so be on the look out Beauties and Cuties. We need to be educated in the Businesses that we have out there and begin supporting one another. Let's keep Dr. King's dream a reality as much as we possibly can. With the power of prayer and placing our resources ($$$$) together we can and will succeed in our children and grandchildren knowing their worth and having legacies and businesses ($$$$$$$$) left hear millions of years after we are gone. We have to build for the next generation. Calling all Beauties and Cuties....let's step it up and keep it together. Unity is all we need!!!

Well that is all for today my loves, oh and don't forget

I love you, God loves you, so let's Love ourselves and each other, ya dig!!!



Hello Out there to all my Beauties and Cuties,

Thanks for joining me again at Today's post is all about Cosmetics!!! YAY!

Hold on, wait just one minute. Before you lovelies start throwing the confetti and getting all excited, let me let you in on a little secret...We are going to be discussing Kingdom Cosmetics. No, not my makeup line, yet :). We are talking about the cosmetics we should be putting on before we put on anything else.

First Lady, Erica Campbell (Mary Mary's very own), of California Worship Center, preached one of the most effective messages of our day, especially for our young women. Let me go on record to say, I have been a supporter of Mrs. Campbell, her sister, their families and their endeavors for most of my life, so this was an honor to have heard her preach. I am urging you to listen to her message that will be posted below, subscribe to their church channel and those of you Beauties and Cuties out in California, GO AND VISIT, California Worship Center. The information can be found on their website

I now give you, California Worship Center's  First Lady, Mrs. Erica Campbell...(applause)

Allow your soul to be blessed Beauties and Cuties of God's Kingdom!

Kingdom Cosmetics

And remember I love you, God Loves you, so love yourself!
<3Mrs. CiCi<3

Post #4: Went Natural? Want to Run? Slow Down and Read This!!!

Natural Hair in the Black Community has been an evolving and growing trend for decades. From the 60's up to today, natural hair has proven to look the best on women of color and be the healthiest method for extreme hair growth. A major benefit that surpasses popularity and growth is being individuals and showing our natural ethnicity in our hair period! The look, feel and very idea is a self-esteem and confidence booster for women of all minority backgrounds.                                  
Personally, I have been "going natural" for 7 years and have been "officially natural" for 4 years. My reason for the two different time evaluations is because I did not do "the big chop". For 3 years I grew out all the relaxer and 4 years ago, for my wedding :), my stylist cut the left over chemical out. It has been a learning process but it also has been invigorating and freeing. Everyday my curls get better and when I miss my "relaxed look" I flat iron (heat below 450 ALWAYS) or wrap. Natural hair is so versatile!

Anyways, I said all this to encourage all you Natural Beauties and Cuties out there, keep going and finish strong.

With that being said, the struggle to finding great products is REAL lol, so here is a list of a few of the best products on the market, I have tried more than half of these myself and they are AMAZING! Prayerfully, at least one of these products will propel your hair into Natural Beautie-fication.

Remember I love you, God Loves you, So love yourself!!!
Love, Mrs.CiCi

Post #3: Fake Freckled Fashionistas???

Hey out there to all the Cuties of KingdomBeautie!
I have some great news for all my freckled ladies and freckle lovers, which would include me. Freckles are the newest "trend"  for Spring/Summer 2016!
That's right. I said FRECKLES ARE HOT!

According to Cosmopolitan, "faux freckles" were seen on Emanuel Ungaro's models making their way down the NY Fashion Week runway. Makeup Artist, Lucia Pieroni, used two liners by the popularly used brand MAC to place "faux freckles" like the one's on the lovely model pictured below.
 Faux Freckles

If you ask me this is twistedly awesome, for lack of a better phrase. Freckles are within my family's gene pool, and I have slight freckles as do some of my closest friends and family members. With that being said, I remember there was a time, one would NEVER even dare to dream of becoming a model with a face covered in "dots", but now we see them being created on girls for one of the biggest fashion events of the year?

I have two feelings towards this. One is...This is GREAT. Finally women with, what society once deemed as flaws, are now able to achieve their dreams in the Beautie/Fashion industry, or if nothing else, they are given confidence to face the world with their beautie marks. Once called freckled freaks are now freckled fashionistas! Let' light the world up with our dots ladies.

However my second emotion is not as liberating. Allow me to explain before you go calling me Negative Nancy. I feel like there are women out there who have freckles that would love nothing more than to be models. So, why should makeup artist have to "create" an individually unique trait, that many are born with?

In my humble opinion, I think it is still the industry's way of keeping a certain image as to who can be a model and who isn't pretty enough. "Faux Freckles" in some ways are a mockery. Some women have been shut out for having freckles, but now see other women painted with freckles and deemed "trendy".

Don't get me wrong I LOVE the makeup industry. Makeup Artistry and the entire Beautie Industry as a whole is creative and free, but there are some "trends" that do not need makeup to be effective. God created beautiful women with natural freckles, so if it's freckles that are hot, give those women who have them a chance to shine.
Anyways, that is my overly opinionated post for tonight. I hope you all got something out of it.

I love you, God loves you, so love yourselves! Freckles and...uhh I mean flaws lol...and all ;) 
<3Mrs. CiCi<3

Post #2: Here is a "How To" for all of my beautiful WOC who want to achieve the hot new Blue Eye for this spring.
Who is the new makeup brand that can help you get that MAC look for less??!

Post #1: NY Fashion Week Recap: "Spring" into 2016 with Blue Eyes???
Find out how women of every color, shape and size are rocking those "Baby Blues" for Spring 2016.