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Post#3: Rep the Runway with Trust Your Genius & Musicians Are Weirdos, Mr. Branden @besuccessful Everett

What's up Beauties and Cuties? Yes, it is I, Mrs. Ci Ci, coming to you live from, the only place to be to get the latest and greatest LOL. As you know it is a new month. We are in my favorite month of the year, AUGUST!!!

Why is August my favorite month? Well, I am so glad you asked. August is not only my birthday month, it is also the month I met the man of my dreams who is now my reality and it is his birthday month as well, oh and did I mention our first son's birthday month too?!!!

So, August in my household ROCKS!!! OK, enough of my rambling I know you are ready for that Black Owned Business of the Month that I promised, soooooooo here it is...

This month we are celebrating my brother and Minister of Music at LRCC, Branden Everett!!! YAY, whooooo, applause.

Branden Everett is not only a young, successful, Black entrepreneur and Christ follower, he is also an outreach activist for the Black community and wonderful Father to a beautiful little boy who is quickly becoming a young man, just like his Daddy.

Mr. Everett, also known as @BESUCCESSFUL, is CEO and founder of the latest apparel brands Musicians Are Weirdos and Trust Your Genius. He also host free seminars to empower and teach the Black Community about how to obtain wealth and how to handle finances with wisdom. He has a passion to shape and change this and the next generation with the power of God given knowledge.

So please show your love and support for my boy B.

Branden Everett can be contacted on

As always, I love you, God loves you, so love yourself. <3Mrs. Ci Ci<3

This message has been brought to you by and approved by my Husband, Michael Cook Jr. 

Post#2: Fake Freckled Fashionistas??? On the Runway!!!

Hey out there to all the Cuties of KingdomBeautie!
I have some great news for all my freckled ladies and freckle lovers, which would include me. Freckles are the newest "trend"  for Spring/Summer 2016!
That's right. I said FRECKLES ARE HOT!

According to Cosmopolitan, "faux freckles" were seen on Emanuel Ungaro's models making their way down the NY Fashion Week runway. Makeup Artist, Lucia Pieroni, used two liners by the popularly used brand MAC to place "faux freckles" like the one's on the lovely model pictured below.
 Faux Freckles

If you ask me this is twistedly awesome, for lack of a better phrase. Freckles are within my family's gene pool, and I have slight freckles as do some of my closest friends and family members. With that being said, I remember there was a time, one would NEVER even dare to dream of becoming a model with a face covered in "dots", but now we see them being created on girls for one of the biggest fashion events of the year?

I have two feelings towards this. One is...This is GREAT. Finally women with, what society once deemed as flaws, are now able to achieve their dreams in the Beautie/Fashion industry, or if nothing else, they are given confidence to face the world with their beautie marks. Once called freckled freaks are now freckled fashionistas! Let' light the world up with our dots ladies.

However my second emotion is not as liberating. Allow me to explain before you go calling me Negative Nancy. I feel like there are women out there who have freckles that would love nothing more than to be models. So, why should makeup artist have to "create" an individually unique trait, that many are born with?

In my humble opinion, I think it is still the industry's way of keeping a certain image as to who can be a model and who isn't pretty enough. "Faux Freckles" in some ways are a mockery. Some women have been shut out for having freckles, but now see other women painted with freckles and deemed "trendy".

Don't get me wrong I LOVE the makeup industry. Makeup Artistry and the entire Beautie Industry as a whole is creative and free, but there are some "trends" that do not need makeup to be effective. God created beautiful women with natural freckles, so if it's freckles that are hot, give those women who have them a chance to shine.
Anyways, that is my overly opinionated post for tonight. I hope you all got something out of it.

I love you, God loves you, so love yourselves! Freckles and...uhh I mean flaws lol...and all ;) 
<3Mrs. CiCi<3

Post#1: Fashion Alert!!!

What's the new brand that may have "red bottoms" bottoming out???
If you don't know you better check this out.

Ladies, introducing the first heel of it's kind. You'll need these in every color and style!!!